Doctors Honored for Commitment to Serving Patients

Every member of our staff does exceptional work every day, but there are some employees that seem to excel beyond expectations.

This spring, we recognized a few of those stand-out team members at our 2nd U.S. HealthWorks Medical Symposium in Pasadena.

We began by honoring those who have led the way for others. Six individuals received the Leadership Award, which recognizes those who have gone above and beyond treating their patients. They have exhibited exceptional management skills in both their clinics and within their communities. These recipients demonstrate a powerful, personal commitment to the success of U.S. HealthWorks:

  • Syed Saquib, MD – Irwindale
  • Steve Nall, MD – Northside
  • Edward Demmi, MD – Medero
  • Carlos Garrett, MD – City of Industry
  • Donna Diziki, MD – Edison
  • Minh Nguyen, DO – Hillcrest (no photo)
  • David Rollins, MD (no photo)
  • Thomas Savoie, MD (no photo)

Next, we awarded four outstanding physicians with the Employer Relations Award. These folks have collaborated successfully with our business partners and the community in order to reach their health care needs. These honorees have ensured quality patient care, including excellent communication, treatment and follow up:

  • Richard Amegadzie, MD – Rahway
  • Rodolfo Ruiz-Velasco, MD – National City
  • Scott Bischoff, MD – Stafford (no photo)
  • Cori Repp, MD – Bradenton (no photo)

Then there are those U.S. HealthWorks superstars who embody everything you’d want in a team player. The Team Player awards celebrate the invaluable support these individuals have given to their co-workers and respective clinics. These recipients have exceeded expectations by doing more than what is asked of them and by making their clinics a more effective and positive working environment:

  • Betsy McKendry, MD – Southcenter
  • Bruce Hoang, DO – Santee
  • Robert Wagner, MD – Berkeley (no photo)
  • Bernard McDermott, DO – Oxnard (no photo)

Lastly, there are just some people who are the glue that supports and holds a medical community together. Our Outstanding Physicians Assistant awards are for those who have shown exceptional leadership in serving clients. These honorees have gone beyond day-to-day patient care by demonstrating exemplary service to the PA profession and the community:

  • Victor San Roman, PA – Riverside
  • Shauna Cole, PA – Kearny Mesa (no photo)
  • Karen Manitsas, PA – Oakland (no photo)

Congratulations to all of our award winners! We can’t thank you enough for the services you provide every single day.


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