A Tale of Two Co-Dependent Squirrels

We had some unexpected furry guests visit U.S. HealthWorks recently.

A gentleman came in with his girlfriend to one of our clinics for injury care, and in tow were their unique pets – sugar gliders, which they kept in a knapsack around the man’s neck. Not sure what a sugar glider is? Think Rocky the flying squirrel from “Rocky and Bullwinkle.”

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

The man said that the squirrels suffer from separation anxiety and cannot be left alone. Also, the critters apparently have to travel in pairs.

One of our doctors at the clinic informed the couple that the squirrels are not allowed to be in the medical facility for health and safety reasons. The man and woman insisted on keeping the squirrels with them during the exam but were told again that it is not allowed. The couple subsequently left with their Rocky look-a-likes in hand.

The following day, the couple showed up at another nearby U.S. HealthWorks clinic – with their squirrel companions, of course. Our position was again reinforced, and thankfully the problem was solved when someone at the clinic took the squirrels outside until the exam was completed.

The lesson to be learned here is that it’s best to leave your critters at home when you visit the doctor, unless you’re headed to the veterinarian of course.

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