K2 — Not Just A Mountain Anymore

Synthetic cannabis first appeared about 8 years ago in Europe. It goes by the names Spice and K2. It is a designer drug, which means the basic marijuana molecule was altered to change its behavior. Often the goal is to increase the strength of a drug as in Ecstasy – made on the amphetamine blueprint. In the case of marijuana, the characteristic altered was the recognition that it was marijuana. A minor structural change can make a molecule unrecognizable. This was a marijuana that can’t be tested for.

It is not so much surprising that an enquiring mind could come up with a variation on the basic THC molecule, but that it was considered worth doing. Marijuana has not become an endangered species in recent years with various medical marijuana laws in 14 States.

While pot “scientists” were busy creating in their labs, the pharmaceutical laboratories were working on spoiling their plans. Tests specifically designed to recognize the synthetic marijuana molecule were developed. That isn’t too arduous a process as the initial screening test is an antibody test. An antibody to identify the new synthetic marijuana molecule is easily made. The confirming test, GCMS, only needs some synthetic marijuana to analyze, and it can happily identify synthetic marijuana down to the nanogram amount.

Of course getting around pesky government laws was the goal of this designer drug. The government simply wrote new laws outlawing this drug.

If you are concerned about the use of K2 or Spice, these can be included in your drug testing panel. Call your U.S. HealthWorks representative to enquire.

Take care.

Dr. B


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