Answers to Common Questions About K2/Spice

As a follow up to our recent posting about K2/Spice, below is a Q&A on the drug and issues related to testing.

Q: What is K2/Spice?
A: This is a synthetic chemical that is slightly different from THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

Q: Is K2/ Spice illegal?
A: The Federal Government, through the DEA, made K2/Spice a Schedule 1 Drug, the most restrictive category, identifying the substances as unsafe, highly abused substances with no medical usage. That action placed K2/Spice on par with marijuana, cocaine and heroin. It is illegal to sell, possess or use these drugs.

Q: Is K2/Spice legal under the medical marijuana laws?
A: Spice is a synthetic chemical that is sprayed on a dried plant. There is no marijuana plant in K2/Spice. The synthetic marijuana chemical is different from THC. K2/Spice is not legal under any present medical marijuana law.

Q: How does K2/Spice affect someone?
A: The effects are similar to being intoxicated on marijuana. Because this is a new designer drug, risks from short or long term use are not yet known. Previous designer drugs like Ecstasy have proven to have dangerous medical consequences that were unknown in the early years of use.

Q; Will someone who smokes K2/Spice test positive on a drug screen for marijuana?
A: No. The active chemical in K2/Spice is slightly different from THC. It is different enough that it won’t test positive on a marijuana drug screen. That is why K2/Spice was invented – to avoid detection but still get the same effects as smoking marijuana.

Q: Is there a drug screen for K2/Spice?
A: Yes. CRL has created a test that will detect K2/Spice. CRL is the largest lab in the country and is federally licensed. The K2/Spice test is of the same high and accurate standards as present drug screens for marijuana. U.S. HealthWorks recommends MRO review of any positive drug screen. Each positive urine test will be confirmed by a second GC/MS test, as is the current standard practice on all drug screens.

Q: Is the collection procedure any different for K2/Spice?
A: No. Normal drug screen collection procedures are followed. No additional urine is needed. The test for K2/Spice can be administered by itself (separately) or added to any non-DOT drug screen panel.

Q: Can K2/Spice be done on a DOT test?
A: No. DOT Part 40 specifies the exact drugs to be tested in federal DOT testing. K2/Spice is not currently permitted on a DOT test.

Q: Why is there an additional charge to test for K2/Spice?
A: It is an additional and separate test from marijuana and, therefore, an additional cost is applied.

Dr. B


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